Towering over the landscape at a gravity-defying 6'6", he makes an impression from a distance. Not satisfied with merely a noticable physical stature, his personality looms even higher.
With a direction that - although sometimes scattered in appearance - is always moving forward, always gathering distance, he covers a lot of ground. Not content to sit on past laurels, there is always something new for him up ahead. He is both blessed, and plagued, with particular personality traits:
* Forever curious, Phil has somehow remained the cat that never dies. His inquisitive nature leads him down many roads, peering into new areas to learn from. Phil's motto, "One can never be too educated," is accentuated by his never-ending yearning to learn about anything that is available.
* Creative and keen. Phil's basic nature is borne of the typically Gemini trait (for those who follow that belief) of creative ilk. Whether it be the arts, music, written/spoken word, or celluloid, it interests him. He has a passion for anything that blends heart, mind, and soul with an artistic, visionary punctuation. As well, provide a challenge, he'll gladly accept it. There is nothing that can't be done, short of just not attempting it.
* Passion and opinion. Driven by strong beliefs, and forever learning about what drives us, Phil is one who thrives on empassioned thought. If something is important enough to have, then it is important enough to fight for - whether in social circles, business, or what-have-you.

Where did it all start from?

From the age of five, Phil knew that he was going to do something artistically involved. He was always at a table with pencil, pen, or crayon, sketching or drawing. As those skills improved, he moved forward into designs and lettering.
Most musicians of the past few decades have cited such artists as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, a bevy of 1950s crooners and rockers, and even Mozart and KISS as influences for the musical inspirations. Not so for Phil. During an afternoon pick-up from elementary school, he heard Neil Young's "Heart Of Gold," which was the song that suddenly clicked an idea, "This is what I want to do!" Borne of that particular song, along with an assortment of funk, Motown, R&B, and hard rock (along with injections of classical and jazz), in his younger days, Phil began looking for something heavier... different... more. Somehow this all culminated into his picking up a guitar - during a very impressioned Pink Floyd phase - and eventually become a punk/pop/industrial metal player on guitar, as well as a pianist who would compose his own New Age and classical pieces. No, it doesn't make much sense, but it is exciting.
Photography was something that just happened upon him. At age 12, Phil picked up a camera and began shooting an impressive array of park landscape shots. Somehow, knowing exactly what he wanted to see transfered correctly onto film and the career was born. Phil went professional by age 14, beginning his most known career as a concert photographer. Some of his works would be later seen in such places as Rolling Stone Magazine, Hit Parader, MTV, and VH1. There would be several books published, as well as eventually forming his own publication (still running today). Both reviled and revered by some of his photographic peers, Phil just forged ahead in his own manner. Practically everything about his practices encited someone in the field. From using the same settings for practically every shot - day or night - (and being told that it is "not able to be done") to how he managed to get anywhere and everywhere for an advantage, envy has abounded at different times. The end result is that his works have been seen and praised internationally. His eye through a lens is his legacy.
Writing had always come naturally to Phil since childhood. He was one of two students from his school district chosen to represent the Young Writer's Conference, and has also won a script-writing award (Second place) for a play written at the age of 13. This play went on to be used in the school district drama education cirriculum as an educational example. From there he has penned for a few publications, and later worked on scripts for TV and film.
What's he into? What's he like?
All the standards as anyone else. He enjoys the hustle and bustle of the big city with going dancing and traveling, as well as some solitude such as hiking, biking, going camping, etc. He had traveled extensively in younger years, took some time off, and now continues in that trend.
What he is not into, is drugs, smoking, and drinking (although maybe having a drink a couple of times per year). He also has no tattoos nor piercings, long hair being his only "vice." This may make him a candidate for a good Mormon, but he doesn't swing in that direction either. Personal spirituality makes the balance for him in opposition to his beliefs that organized religious orders exist solely as a political motivator for the masses to exhibit control, and provide some calming of personal insecurities and fears. When it comes down to it, Phil's belief is that fear is the greatest motivator and controller. It is used by others, and ourselves. Once fear is beaten, you have complete self-awareness. The greatest fear is the unknown - and in this case, the unknown is always a challenge, which is Phil's greatest drive in life.
What has he accomplished?
* Studied Drama under James Kinney in Jr. High and appeared in theater for several years.
* Won sixth place in the Buck Norred Horse Show for horse riding.
* Won Second place in a writing contest at age 13 for a script that was used as the school district's educational cirriculum.
* Honorary awards for photos of Eddie Van Halen and the late (Ozzy Osbourne guitarist) Randy Rhoades.
* Attended Stanford University Certificate Programs for religious, history, and music studies.
* Has managed the bands Targa (later Trixie) and Freewill.
* Has had two Top 10 requested hits in the upper East Coast college radio circuit with his band Slam Nancy.
* Had photography appearing on VH1's "Behind The Music: Ozzy Osbourne" special for six years.
* Currently has six books in publication featuring his photographic works.
So who is he really?
Phil is whatever he wants to be today. Every day is new chance and challenge. The sum of everything that has been seen and experienced, couple with that which is yet to come.
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