- Interesting Facts and Personal Notes -

Some Quick Bits Of Info:
Favorite Foods: Italian, Mexican, East Indian, Chinese (bring on the fire!)
Favorite Colors: Black, Red, (sometimes) Blue
Favorite Music: Pretty much anything. A particular like for punk, ambient, 1920s jazz, classic jazz, freeform and acid jazz, rock, Impressionist-era classical, and industrial. Has a penchant for being into House, Techno, Trip-Hop, and any heavy beat-oriented dancing.
Favorite Bands/Artists: Pink Floyd, Static-X, The Cure, British Lions, UFO. Interestingly enough, was never a big Led Zeppelin or Beatles fan.
Favorite films: Psychological thrillers, courtroom dramas, certain comedies, horror (not slasher), foreign/cult films.
Anything that makes him think.
Personal favorite films of all time: "Usual Suspects", "The Crow", "Talk Radio", "Dude, Where's My Car?", "Circus".
Hobbies: Hiking, Mt. Biking, Dancing, checking out new art, exploring (ghost towns, small towns, new stores, etc.), photography, hacking, checking out new music.
Likes: Strong, independent type of people. Enjoys a good discussion or debate. Enjoys looking at the world from a skewed perspective. At his best when finding new, as-yet-unexplored projects to latch onto and bring to fruition. Really enjoys hot weather (as in 110 degress in an Arizona desert).
Dislikes: Illogical behavior that only serves to hinder progress. Hates "professional victims" who "poor me" their way through life. Dislikes oblivious behavior. Doesn't particularly care for cold weather. Rain isn't entirely thrilling either, except for moody photographs.

Facts you may not know:

* Started reading by the age of four. Was scouring history, biography, conspiracy theory, and unexplained phenomenon books by the age of ten.
* Has seen his fair share of "things that don't make sense in the regular world" to realize that (as a Greek philosopher once pointed out) the more we know, the more we find we know very little. A firm believer that there is more out there in the universe. But, having beliefs in that which remains unexplainable, is also a staunch debunker and believes that about 90% of "miraculous" claims are false.
* Has 7 fingers and 13 toes. No... not really, but it's always fun to see who is paying attention.
* Phil does not do any drugs, does not smoke, and barely drinks. Has no tattoos nor piercings (as such, a rebel in his own modern way). He does cook, bake, clean, does dishes and windows. Even makes the bed. He does not roll over and fall asleep in bed. ;)
Personal Thoughts:
Some quick thoughts I have on life

1) I hate ignorant people with no logic or common sense. One good example is the Midwestern "God, guns, & government" mentality. Another is the inability to take any personal responsibility for one's self (Columbine is a good example). It becomes so easy to point fingers of blame upon others - especially with the help of a good attorney.

2) "Honesty" is the biggest lie which people ask for. "Be honest" is almost always guaranteed to translate into "Whatever you tell me, make sure it's what I want to hear, otherwise you'll hurt my feelings and I will resent you."

3) There is no excuse for badly written / enunciated English use - moreso if you are born and raised in America. Badly used grammer should not be tolerated.

4) There is a disturbing new corporate trend to hire "fresh off the boat" non-Americans (primarily Asiatic) to be receptionists, telephone answerers, and customer service people - where it is painfully obvious that they have no grasp of the local language. If one can barely muster the word "Hello" and cannot understand a caller on the other end, they have no reason nor right to be in that job position.

(To note: This is probably a corporate ploy to deter complaints from dissatisfied customers.)

5) Lack of communication is becoming rampant amongst people. If more people spent time actually talking about what they both felt, there would be a lot less nasty arguements. Just because the statistics show that 40 - 60% of all couples divorce does NOT mean that that is cool. Get it?

6) Beauty is fine, but without personality and brains - what is there to keep any interest. Ask yourself - "When your eyes are shut, what beauty do you still see?" That is where appearances begin.

7) The true test of relationships begins not during the best of times, but during the worst - as that is when the true mettle of human nature is exposed and the real person can be seen for who he or she is.

8) How long before Americans understand what the rest of the world has seen for decades - that we are obstentatious, arrogant, and conceited for no reason. By way of our government and military (not to forget plenty of undercover Ops), we push ourselves - for our own selfish reasons - onto other countries and peoples... and then wonder why they all get upset with us. September 11, 2001 did not occur just because someone thought it might make a good prank. It was a well-planned and long-overdue wake-up call to let American citizens begin to ponder what our government is doing to upset others. Whoever believes that Osama Bin Laden is also a scapegoat (guilty or not) in a bigger self-righteous movement is sadly misled along with the rest of the sheep.

These, of course, are just my opinions... even if you don't realize I am right. :)
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