Having taken drama in Junior High School, Phil was bitten with the acting bug. His first theatrical performance was playing the lead in "Shadow Of The Moon." He portrayed an Irish policeman - a role he got for his abilities at doing accents and dialects. Following that play, he moved on to other performances - plays and musicals - for the next seven years, including: "Dracula, Baby" (as Arthur), "Wizard Of Oz" (as the Wizard), "The Hobbit," "Music Man," and others. Around the age of 13, Phil had won a 2nd place award as a playwrite for a script entitled "Drug Scene." The script went on to be used by the San Jose Unified School District as part of their Drama class cirriculum.
Philip began an ongoing career as a photographer by age 12 and was professional by 14, working primarily in the music industry doing mostly live performance shooting along with some studio and modeling work.
By 1982, Phil decided to finally get into his first love of music and performed with several local one-off bands - "Force," "UGH!," and "Sweet Innocence." After a few years stint of performing, all the while writing his own material, he went into managing and promoting other bands, including Targa (later named Trixie then Amsterdam) and Freewill, throughout the late 1980s.
During the mid-1980s, Phil did some guest DJ work on radio for such infamous stations as KOME in San Jose, CA, and KFJC, the popular college station in Foothill College, CA.
Around 1990, after having done all he wanted in the business end of music, Phil went back to performing his own creations when he formed Slam Nancy. After a year, the band got bassist Randy Arenas (ex-Targa) to join, who has been a mainstay since. Although now primarily a musician, but with plenty of business background, Phil set about to promote Slam Nancy in every way possible - including getting magazine write-ups, radio, and TV performances. Around 1992, the band released two albums. Slam Nancy had garnered two Top-10 hits in the upper East Coast, with "Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed" and a cover of the Bay City Roller's "Saturday Night." Around 1993, Slam Nancy was filmed for a pilot of a new music television show called "Nitelife." When all of the other bands had broken up shortly after, the show was canned for the time-being. Slam Nancy had also done interviews for radio and TV which are planned for a DVD release at some point. Slam Nancy has also done many live performance videos. The band performed throughout, until around 1995 before taking an extended break - getting together for a few one-off performances around 1997 - planning on their eventual return to music by 1999.
Around 1995, Phil appeared as an occasional co-host of local TV show "Kill Ugly TV," a minor Frank Zappa-esque bizzare show that showcased music clips and skits when not running babbling commentary.
By 1999, the band was put back in action with Philip and Randy penning new songs. However, other projects slowed the band for a while. At the same time, Phil went back to publishing, as he had done throughout the 1980s, by forming an online magazine. This magazine garnered him extensive interest in several industries as he covered music, film, literary works and more. He was most known for doing interviews with celebrities in different fields. With his new connections and networking, Phil was ready to usher in his next plans and projects. Amongst these plans, with his involvement in the film industry and electronics markets, was his wish to return to acting - this time in films and television. He began networking with different people in the industry and began plans to do a couple of independent films - primarily inspired by an interview Phil had done with President Clinton's cousin - indie filmmaker Lyn Clinton.
In early 2001, the first two releases by Slam Nancy were put on one CD collection to be released. There is also a live CD to be released. Phil, along with ex-Slam Nancy drummer Dennis Morehouse, began working on film soundtracks during that same year. Currently, Phil is writing material for a new Slam Nancy release while working on several other musical projects. A new band project was in the works featuring Phil, Slam Nancy bassist Randy Arenas, and Larry Tells on drums. Larry comes from recording and performing with such legends as: Dr. John, Little Richard, Grateful Dead, and even Metallica (on their latest release), just to name a few.
Philip is currently working on some new film projects while seeking scripts and roles in film and television along with soundtrack work in between his music projects. Phil's first film debut in "The Theory Of Everything" screened on Wed. July 16, 2003 at the Los Angeles Film School. Phil is also appearing in the Luis Hernandez film "ASL (Age Sex Location)", a disturbing psychological thriller. Phil portrays a newscaster. This film was scheduled for release in 2003, but the director seems to have vanished. In addition, Phil will be a casting director for several upcoming independent features.

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