Force - (Fri) 02/04/1983 - Gunderson High School Theater - San Jose, CA
Force was the first actual band that I had performed in. Started almost as a joke by Van Halen-worshipping guitarist Kevin Ryan, to get us into the Gunderson High School Talent Competition, none of us could actually believe that we went ahead and did it. It was very impromptu and not necessarily well organized. But we needed someone on the "inside," who actually went to that school. Enter bassist Joe Lofaro, guitarist Thom Clarke, and drummer James Lowe - real students at Gunderson (when they attended). The band was complete and the game was on. As it turned out, I got Chicken Pox the week before the show. After announcing that fact, but reminding everyone that I would make it regardless, I showed up to rehearsal to find someone else taking my place. That wouldn't do, as I made my stand. And thus, we did the show - funny as it ended up. It's a shame that there was no video tape of it, but then again, life appears more embarassing when looking back at some of the stuff we do in our early years. Either way, it was fun to do and it went off decently. I don't remember if we made an impression (good or bad), or if we really had performed as part of the contest, but it was my first effort and I enjoyed it enough to continue on from there.



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