Sweet Innocence - (Mon) 09/07/1986 - Smokey Mountain - Campbell, CA
Sweet Innocence was a band idea that I had formed with drummer Rick Pfeifer early on in the 1980s. At the time, the name seemed cool. It fit with all the other tongue-in-cheek hard rock/heavy metal bands who were named "cutesy" names. Our promo poster was to feature us in full Glam metal, or heavy metal wear, with the hot babe in lingerie laying wantingly at our feet. Again, seemed like a good idea at the time. Upon reflection... well, you get the idea. So after pondering the band, and having written numerous songs, Rick and I finally decided to have a go at it at a popular local jam night - the Art & Ronda Jam Night - at Smokey Mountain in Campbell, CA on September 7, 1986. We never did have a bassist nailed down, and so we talked local eccentric bass prodigy Ernie Parashis into playing the show with us. Apparently his ego was a bit expanded and he never bothered to learn the songs - or even listen to the tape, for that matter. "Don't worry, Ican figure it out.", he assured us. "When?!" I wondered. Apparently onstage. We went on, started playing, and... it seemed to go over decent enough. Ernie really was a musically unequaled talent, although I still have no idea if he ever hit any right notes. Luckily Rick and myself knew the songs well enough to pull it off. Amusing is the word I would use to describe that night. It is a shame that the tape recorder didn't work, so how it really sounded will forever be a mystery.


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