Slam Nancy songs
Songs spanning 1987 through 1997

The tale of the shy boy wanting to meet the shy girl. First song I recorded. - 1987

Too Low For Love
After the breakup, the heartache verbalizes - amidst some fancy wordplay. - Live - 1994

Personification of how mankind has visualized "Death" through the ages. - Live - 1994

Who Can I Call Friend
When bigotry prevents us from being around those we like, there is a problem. - Live - 1994

Not That Important
Critical rave - justified apathy for a world that stopped helping itself. - 1992

Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed
Sordid tale of the morning after drunken debauchery. Not a personal tale - maybe yours? - 1992

Say What? Yeah, Right!
One of the first jam songs we did. It was taken from never hearing over the loud music. - Live - 1991

Bumblebee Tuna
Live track, making fun of 80s guitar embellishments, followed by the popular ad song.

A melancholy song about depression, loneliness, and isolation.

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