DAY ON THE GREEN # 5 - 09/02/1978 - Oakland Stadium - Oakland, CA
This was my second concert, and my first Day On The Green experience - which I would continue religiously until their demise in the 1990s. I had no idea what to expect, and I was still using a Kodak 110 Instamatic camera, not having graduated up to my pro gear yet. This show featured Ted Nugent, Blue Oyster Cult, Journey, AC/DC, and Cheap Trick. This was the classic way to see bands - outdoors during the hot day. I only snapped a few crowd shots, and what I could get of the bands from a distance.

To recant a quick story about how this day went - The doors opened at 10am, with the show starting very soon after. While waiting in the parking lot to be let in, I witnessed a man walking around with a vending tray strapped on. Upon the tray were rolled joints, bags of weed, pills of different colors, vials, sugar cubes, and other items. On his head, the man wore a "Mad Hatter" styled top hat that prominently featured a price list for all that was available for sale. He was strolling through the crowd chanting, "Weed. Acid. Shrooms. Get your drugs here." No one seemed to mind, and there wasn't any visible law enforcement around. Everyone kind of handled themselves. You don't see that happen these days. Then again, back then people would party, but there would be much less problems (short of the usual drunken passing out). It was a stranger time, but yet in a weird way, a safer time (depending upon your point of view). Lucky for me, I was quite anti-drug and just laughed. I couldn't afford to have a freak out while 50 miles away from home without a car, and only 14 years old. In the end, I just walked around the entire stadium by myself, having left my less-active friends in the balcony, and took it all in. All was good.

AC/DC with Bon Scott - bagpipes and all The capacity crowd during Ted Nugent
Local heroes Journey performing


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