Elipse - 1984 - Keystone - Palo Alto, CA
Elipse was the furthering of the San Francisco Bay Area band Atom, both of whom were fronted by Tim Bednarz, known then as Timothy J. Atom had gone through some changes before becoming Elipse. Elipse made a name for themselves as being a "cartoon band" of sorts. Timothy J's interest in comic books and other such fantasy-related things led the band to evolve into a group of costumed and named characters. Each one fit a persona, while the message of the band as a whole was positive. It was almost a "superhero" band, whose original idea would be to have comic books and movie/TV tie-ins featuring the characters battling every-day foes (such as brushing teeth to fight plaque, for the kids, etc).

The date of this show is unknown, but is around mid-1984, at the Keystone in Palo Alto, CA. The band at this point consisted of vocalist Timothy J "The Scarlet One," guitarist Greg "The Rock 'N' Roll Magician" Turoff , bassist Marcus "Mr. Mystique" Millet, keyboardist Scott "The Fantasy Child" Anderson, and drummer Rick "The Rebel" Friend. If anyone has more information about the band. or this show in particular, please contact me.



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